Luxury condo and tower residence projects come with a myriad of benefits to buyers -- every little detail has been considered to make life there simpler and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, many owners and developers pay little heed when it comes to technology infrastructure. The maze of options, from whole-home audio and video, to lighting control and motorized window treatments, is typically left to owners to navigate alone. We have started working with some of the best real estate visionaries and architects to make sure that their best, most beautiful offerings also offer the best in technology options, including pre-wiring an entire unit to allow for the most amount of customization post-purchase. Want to know more? Learn about some of our featured partnership projects below.

ABOVE Millennium Tower, Boston




It’s been said that the Gulf has a feeling all its own. The tide, the birds, the air: all combine to create serenity itself. Shouldn’t the day-to-day experience inside your home offer the same sense of tranquility and peace of mind? At Mystique, it will. Every home has been pre-wired by Maverick, ready for you to enjoy high quality music as you move through each room. From pre-set options for different moods, times of day and settings specific to various locations in the home – we craft and tailor each system to the exact desires of each owner and their chosen units. 


  • 81 units consisting of 68 Estates, 4 Penthouses, and 9 "Jardin" level residences.
  • Countless luxury options are available, from lighting options by Lutron, voice-controlled automation experts, and more.
  • Maverick already has in-depth floor plans for each unit, extensive knowledge and access to the building, meaning we're ready to go when you are.



In beautiful downtown Boston, the forward-thinking development group behind the 10 Farnsworth project wanted to consider the building's technology needs before the shovels even hit the dirt. Knowing we've worked with some of the area’s most recognized architects, builders and developers in the past, they reached out to us here at Maverick to engineer, pre-wire, and implement the technology infrastructure in each stunning unit and penthouse.


  • 9 unique residences, including 1 Penthouse and shared rooftop terrace.
  • Countless luxury options are available for each unit, including CinemaFrame: a completely concealed, high-performance entertainment system by Millson, motorized shades and more.
  • Maverick already has in-depth floor plans for each unit, extensive knowledge and access to the building, meaning we're ready to go when you are.



Currently under construction, the building site is at Temple Street in Boston's much sought-after Beacon Hill neighborhood. Formerly a two building Suffolk University complex, but the stunning work underway will ultimately become The Archer Residences: a boutique collection of exquisitely designed condominium homes, offering bespoke details and a full-service lifestyle experience, boasting all of the customary luxury amenities and large enough to accommodate every buyer, from individuals to families.

  • 71 Luxury Condos with 54 parking spots
  • Units will consist of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units ranging from 1100 - 2600 sq ft in size
  • Valet parking, concierge and 24/7 security
  • Maverick outfitting the project pre-build with best-in-class technology systems, and offering premium upgrade packages post-purchase