Welcome home. The shades are already drawn, and the warm lights are beckoning you inside. Settle in. Look up at your very own starry sky. Watch your favorite show or the game appear on screen where seconds ago, there was no screen at all. Or simply listen to the perfect, calming playlist, pre-set to come on as you enter the room.  

Integration systems for individual residences are where it all began here at Maverick. From the beginning, we've excelled at bespoke design, while at the same time acknowledging the best way to serve our clients is to serve their own unique process and preferences. Which is why our team is ready to present and execute beautiful, expert designs, perfectly tailored to your needs and tastes. But we are also very accustomed to working with the finest architectural, building and design firms, each with their own language and objectives. If you already have someone in mind, or even if you're mid-project, we'll work with your "people" to maximize their effectiveness on your behalf.


Getting the technology in a new home just right from the ground up requires careful planning, design and execution. Let’s hit the ground running on both the best and latest options (not always the same thing!) and how beautifully integrated it can all be. Maverick will extend the knowledge base of your architect, hit deadlines alongside of your contractor and create the perfect move-in with your designer.


The shelf life of any given residential integration system increases or decreases in proportion to technological innovation and the needs of you and your family. When the day comes that your current system leaves you wondering if there’s a better way, give us a call. Explore with one of our system designers. Whether you're looking for a major overhaul or simple upgrade, we'll present all of your options.


With extensive experience in the residential condo arena, we'll guide you, your builder and your architect through the maze of technologies in an environment where space is at a premium and building codes stray far from your Main Street home. Very few companies in America are as well versed in the crossroads of personal integration, residential design and commercial building techniques as Maverick.